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origami design & zen atmosphere

wall lamp

F (A) G L I E


F ( A ) G L I E is a design wall lamp in Origami Style: it came out from the idea to bend and carve a metal sheet up to turn it into an articulated volume, that, by projecting light through a pattern of cuts engraved on its surface, draws the wall with an evocative texture of shadows.

I'm very attached to this project, because this wall lamp is my first step in design.

As often happens, this adventure started a little by chance with an unexpected opportunity.

Some years ago my boyfriend, that in the meanwhile had become my husband, worked for a while, for a society that produces the industrial machines for the laser cutting. They had to do contiual test on the machines to verify the functionality and accuracy of the cut; he proposed me to use this technology to give shape and body to some ideas on which I was working for some time.

I took on with this new challenge with great enthusiasm: I was fascinating by the idea to create tridimensional elements from the simple metal sheet.

So, a little for fun, I developed  some “origami” style  projects, investigating  the idea of drawing the wall and the space not only with the decorative element itself, but , above all, with the reflections and the shadows it generates when it’s lighted.


F ( A ) G L I E   wall lamp was projected to be easy to be realized and to be transported.

Starting from the drawing on the paper, the laser machine replicates the elaborated texture on a metal sheet realizing the structure of the lamp and defining the bending lines.
The output of this process is still a light sheet, easily transportable. Bending, the sheet becomes a volume , ready to be fixed on the wall .

The  game is to draw the wall : by  superposing the patter of the metal sheet and the patter of his own shadows  during the day, and, by night,  when the lamp is on, casting  a texture of  light all around.

I exposed  this wall lamp in "origami" style for the first time in Salone Satellite 2013, during Milan Design Week.

lampada da parete in stile origami design, che proietta una trama di luci ed ombre sulla parete
Origami Design : withe wall lamp , drawing the space
with shadows.
By Alessandra Meacci
lampada da parete di design, ispirata agli origami, i lamiera bianca tagliata secondo una trama di pieni e vuoti
Origami Lamp.
Project by Alessandra
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