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light in architecture,

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Architect and Designer, I follow curiosity and, above all, passion.

In architectural composition I try to realize well-defined volumes, with a pronounced contast between light and shadow.I love using natural materials combined with big windows, that characterize my homes. In design, I try to tell people a story with my objects: to awake a memory, to recall a suggestion.

I am fascinated by the natural elements; the light, its nuances, its reflections and shadows guide my research. Natural elements change intensity and colors throughout the day, and with the passing seasons; I try to realize home interiors and to design objects  that  constantly turn themselves into something  different, always became something new .

As Architect and as Designer I try to use light, reflections, shadows, all  those elements changing throughout the day and seasons, to give life and vitality to the spaces that I project and to the objects I draw.

In the activity of architect I use a modern language mixed with traditional elements; I like placing on near other fair-faced concrete and natural stone cladding. When I draw an house, I love creating interior gardens, and I use large windows, in order to ensure  brightness to the interior.

My design chases suggestions and tries to turn them in decorative elements; I am looking for lightness and versatility in my projects,always with a pinch of irony.
I live design as an adventure, as an occasion to give excitement and wonder:

    enhancing the lightness of origami through lights, reflections and textures of shadows on the 


    breaking down kaleidoscopes and rebuilding them around flowers to create new and

      unexpected images.

I like explore ecodesign, inspiring me to organic forms, from the hive to the veins of a leaf, to design libraries , vases and lights.



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