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mixing suggestions & memories

Bookshelf, vases, decorative elements, lamps and plant stand: as Designer I try to create objects with a new image that, at the same time, remind something experienced,something familiar.  
I try to awake far memories, to recall suggestions of the past, to tell people a story.

To me Design is an adventure, a way to create wonder and to give excitement.

My design research chases lightness and versatility, but I never forget  a pinch of irony in my projects.

I always try  to define objects that by themselves or, often with the complicity of the sun or artificial light, create suggestions and sensations such as the lightness of a origami, the wonder of a kaleidoscope, the elusiveness of the a reflection or of a shadow on the wall.

I like to mix intangible elements that free our imagination, as the light and the reflections that change throughout the day, with natural elements, like plants changing colors and scents season by season, to concrete elements,as steel corten or untreated wood.I want to create an object, or a collection, that do not shows everything at first glance. I try to realize a design object that changes with the time and tell always a different story. The story of a sunny day, of a foggy day, of a Spring day,of  a Fall day.

I like to investigate the world of ecodesign,to use organic forms, exploring the possibilities and advantages of modularity. For some of my projects  I  was inspired  by the hive cell: a  well-defined and stand-alone module that is a part of a perfect modular system, that can be replicate limitless.


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