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draw the wall with light



applique-particolare-per- soggiorno

WD-light applique , when it is turned on, enriches wall and ceiling of a multitude of colors with shades ranging from green to purple to orange, and projects the aplique body shape recreating the shadow drawing of a branch leaves hit by a sunbeam.

The idea behind this project was to develop a wall light that creates a special atmosphere, almost fantastic; although starting from the use of plexiglass material, and a highly innovative technology such as laser cutting,it eliminates the risk totale create a cold and aseptic object. Therefore the focus to design, the careful research of the reflection angles , the combination and the mixing of two different types of plexglass, have led us to develop a lamp with a strong personality and a strong expressive vocation; then starting from the effect I wanted to create by lighting the lamp, I proceeded back to the definition of the shape and volume of the object itself.

The applique shape recalls the design of the Falling Leaves wall decorative elements . Wd-light project, immediately after the date of the "Falling Leaves", has that same formal language and the same theme of reflections and shadows on the walls, starting from two  different situations: while Falling Leaves builds and enhances reflections and shadows that change on natural light'intensity changing during the day, the WD-light lamp, starts from a fixed source of artificial ad direct light and it originates and enhances a range of effects around it.

I used two different types of methacrylate for my wall lamp: pearly white plexiglass, to achieve the matte shape that casts the shadows, and Radiant, that is used to direct the light, reflecting and enriching it with a wide range of colors.

The Radiant is a very special methacrylate: it is obtained by applying a special film to a transparent plexiglass sheet, which gives to the material a color-changing, make it transparent or reflective to vary the angle from which you look at it, and allows it to acquire a  brightness using ambient light.

Due to this material characteristic, also when it is turned off, the 'applique stands out of the walls for its intrinsic brightness; when it is turned on, the volume lamp is designed so that the radiant lamp cover in radiant reflect light toward the wall, projecting on it a delicate colors play and drawing with shadows the silhouette of a group of leaves, which adorns the wall.

elementi decorativi ispirati agli origami, in plexiglass, a forma di foglia
Light in Woods : colors and shadows on the Wall.
By Alessandra Meacci
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