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cardboard office  furniture




BEESY is  an eco-design project that develops a system of hexagonal modules in cardboard and felt.

I used  recyclable and sustainable materials to realize a system to divide and organize workstations in open space. The modules are arranged on a cardboard duct, which serves to hold and at the same time to hide the cables of the computer and that is a base for the modules themselves.

Playing with the different dimensions of the modules and the color scheme you get the composition that suits your taste and solves different needs.

Beesy belongs to a collection of furnishings that explore different uses and applications of the same shape. For these projects I searched an harmonious shape, which could be realized in different sizes and easily combinable: I have therefore chosen a solid hexagonal, which is inspired by the "cells of beehive" and a recurring geometry in nature. I presented this project, together with the other of the Dharma collection at Salone Satellite 2015 in Milan Furniture Fair during Design Week in Milan.

Since this is a project for furnishing desks and work spaces, I felt it important to utilize sound-absorbing materials, to increase the office or open space acoustic comfort. After several attempts, I chose to work with cardboard and felt, two eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

My idea was to define a flat shape that, folded along predefined lines and pasted using specific flaps, became a solid in the user's hands. The cardboard sheet is laser-cut, and at the same time the fold lines are pre-engraved on it;, the sheet is easily bent along these lines and, by gluing the flaps, the three-dimensional hexagonal modules take their three dimensional shape.

Modules can be putted together and combined. I added a felt coating of different colors to the structure of the cardboard modules.

The modules, inspired to 'eco-design, come in two sizes and in three different colors. They create a visually shield to ensure greater privacy between the workstations, but the can be also used to keep desk objects (pens, CDs, notes), making your workspace tidier.

The hexagonal modules are supported by an indented channel, which is obtained by bending a silhouette laser cut out of a sheet of cardboard. The channel is designed to contain and hide the cables of the PC that remain visible only in the part necessary for connecting to computers.

The profile of the teeth is realized in such a way that they fit the modules between them; the modules are then easily assembled by the user, creating a composition that meets each time his needs and which can be easily modified to make pleasant furnishing the office.

I presented thisproject for the first time in Salone Satellite 2015, during Milan Design Week.

ecodesign: moduli in cartone e feltro per arredare la scrivania e creare divisori tra postazioni di lavoro in ufficio
Ecodesign: cardboard furniture.
Project by Alessandra Meacci
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