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roomdivider to grow a vertical garden

plant stand & bookshelf


Dividing open spaces to improve comfort and cosiness in your house; creating a vertical garden with little encumbrance, if you don’t have space to keep plants and you're missing a garden; building a screen in terrace to hide a bad view: I designed Bolina to solve some problems of modern uban house, with a touch of color, humor and lightness.


Sailing boat inspired, Bolina has a metal structure ,which recalls to old wrought-iron garden furniture; the "partition" is made repeatedly stretching a sailing sheet (rope) from the base to top plane, creating a curved coloured surface.

Bolina can be used as a stand alone object or as part of a  modular system: the base has a shape that allows to pull togheter one module to another,to create the effect of a sinuous colored wall.It can be use as a circular  bookshelf or as  plants stand to grow a vertical garden in your house.


Structure is easy to build: I designed it to be assembled and disassembled without difficulties, packed in a little space (vertical struts are divided in pieces), easily transported. During these operation you don’t need removing the sail sheet: you just loose it and then pool it when Bolina is placed and the structure is builded.     

It’s a functional and versatile object: if you are moving, you’ll keep it with you without problem and you’ll place easily in a new home.

Metal levels are laser cutted and their shape allows to suspend variable size vessels (11 vessels) at different heights, creating a vertical garden in a house or in an office relax lounge: plants grow wrapping the sailing sheet, as a green wall.

The lowers modules can be used  also as circular bookshelf.

You can use it outdoor or indoor.Using it indoor, you can complete it placing the wooden levels;their shapes follow the metal ones, so also those levels have holles to place the vassels.



My creative challenge with Bolina  was to develope a wire design piece of forniture, replacing wire with sailing rope.I had this idea while I was searching a way to make a wire circular screen with a  low budget. I thought that sailing rope allowed me not only to reduce the production cost,but also to develope a room divider that, disassembled, would be packed in a small volume, and transported or sent easily. The pulled rope looks like the wire, is strong and makes easy a colour costumization of the object.

I focused also on the structure:one of my target was to find a type of assembly that can be done without take off the rope. Also I wanted a lightweight and see-through object,that,disassembled,can be packed in a small  volume; I studied a structure easy and quick to assembly,strong  and resistant to the compression and the torsion force caused by the pulled rope.I tried different type of bars and fixing system for the vertical struts before to find a balance between all these requirements and aestethic.

a room divider with a circular base: the stringshelf became a vertical garden
Urban Jungle in your house! a stringshelf to grow a vertical garden. A room divider that became a plantshelf  : that's Bolina!
Bolina: sringshelf , roomdivider , vertical garden!  Bring colors in your house or in your open-space office, whit a wire-design separè , creating a sinous green wall
Bolina is a modular system to create a sinous green wall in your hose or in an open-space office.
Design by Alessandra Meacci
a room divider with a circular base: the stringshelf became a vertical garden
Colors and plants.
A room divider that create a vertical garden in yuou house.
design  by Alessandra Meacci
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