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light design in origami style

table lamp



Conchas table lamp combines two different materials: the pearly white plexiglass and the Radiant, in order to have an outer shell to protect the bright and iridescent nucleus that contains the bulb.

I have many orchids: observing them for some time, I had the idea to propose a design lamp following the particular shape of this beautiful flower, whose voluminous white petals contain the smallest but most valuable part of the plant: the colorful and articulated "lip", the heart and core of the plant.

To realize the external volume I chose a pearly white plexiglass, which, with its special luminosity recalls velvety and iridescent texture of soft white petals. To develop this project  the choice of material to be used to achieve the "core" of the lamp was crucial: a material which, although present in small quantities and almost hidden inside the object, catalyze the attention on himself, and he was able to give life to the whole volume.

After many trials and research, I found the material that met all my needs: Radiant.
Radiant is a very special methacrylate and unique under many aspects. It was used to create art installations , but also in architecture , for example, to the windows of the building " La Defense " located in Almere and built from a design by UN Studio. Radiant is obtained by applying on a transparent plexiglass plate a particular film, which allows the material to assume a changing color, which changes depending on the viewing angle, but also to have its own brightness using ambient light , and finally to reflect it as a mirror.

About the form of this lamp, I thought of a shell, in particular to the Meurice. In fact I realized with white plexiglass a shell that wraps around the core colorful and multifaceted that hides the bulb. About the definition of the volume, I was inspired from origami design language: a plexiglass flat shape is bent and on the surface is cut a drawing of solids and voids with laser, which embellish the object, and that, when the lamp is on, projected on the table and on the walls a drawing of light cuts and a web of shadows.

In broad daylight, when the lamp is off, it reflects and multiplies the images; it gives off its own light, thanks to the Radiant ability to use ambient light. When it is turned on instead , it casts a colored light, which simultaneously takes on different shades creating a rainbow effect.

lampada da tavolo in stile origami design, che grazie al Radiant proietta una luce colorata nel soggiorno
After the rain, a Rainbow in your house : table lamp by Alessandra Meacci
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