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plant shelves to grow vertical gardens and green walls

plant stands


Gardeny are my metal plant stands with hexagonal shape; they are raised by three legs and can be used to create green walls or vertical gardens.

The climber plants growing from the ground where the plants stands are placed, can, in fact, use their legs as a support; from the raised vessels can get off different plants to realize colors and types compositions. Gardeny planters in interiors, to create a light partition in open spaces by growing a small internal vertical garden in the house, or they can be used outside, inserting their legs in the grass land to create sculptural corners in the garden, or to make green walls to divide the space of a terrace.

Vertical gardens, vegetal walls, hanging green are the themes that have always fascinated me: I consider them an excellent resource in the design and use of space, both from an aesthetic and from a practical point of view. To use of green as an architectural element, to divide a space with a plant wall, to create an indoor garden in an office or in an apartment, give the home a "softness" and a warmth not available in any other way .

The green wall is a growing element of constant change, which changes with the seasons. Its contrast to the concluded and well-defined architectural shapes ,enriches the interior project.

Inspired by the modularity and the possibility of aggregation of the cells of the hives, I realized a raised hexagonal jars system. The choice of the hexagonal form is resulted from the search for a recurring organic form in nature. I have declined this shape  in three different sizes.

The modules are made of bent sheet metal or metal rod. Each module has three legs, which must be  driven into the ground of the garden or of a pot. The plant stands, in addition to the function of supporting the raised vessel, can be used as supports for the growth of climbing plants, such as ivy or jasmine. Mixing more units, with different heights, you can compose a wall; You can match shapes in sheet and rod forms, and mix colors and plant essences, which climb from the bottom braiding along the legs and inside the hexagons "empty" or that fall softly raised by vessels.

I presented this product at the Salone Satellite 2015, during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, within a collection of objects that were investigating the use of the same basic element (the beehive cell module) in different design solutions and different materials. My research was to combine the benefits of a standardized production with the versatility of the assembly (see also the bookcase Dharma and the cardboard desk modules Beesy).

 With Gardeny I realized the hexagonal module in Corten, choosing this material for its typical irregularities and chromatic variations that  combined perfectly to the vegetal element.

 The Gardeny line consists of four models: Gardeny_01 that has the big metal floor vase, made entirely Gardeny_02 rod, Gardeny_03 one with the average measurement in sheet form raised pot and a small metal rod and finally Gardeny_04 with a raised pot in the medium plate and two small modules metal rod.

fioriere in corten in fase di realizzazione in un officina. le fioriere sono elementi per la creazione di pareti verdi o giardini verticali, in casa o all'aperto.
Smithy : Corten for vertical gardens .
By Alessandra Meacci
fioriere in corten in fase di realizzazione in un officina. le fioriere sono elementi per la creazione di pareti verdi o giardini verticali, in casa o all'aperto.
Corten plant pots .Hexagonal vassels has three legs acting as a support for climbing plants, to grow a vertical garden.
design by Alessandra Meacci
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