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kaleidoscope effect & plexiglass radiant

indor vases



"Cale" are modern vases for indoor, made in plexiglass and radiant, inspired by origami design.

The plexiglass flat surfaces through a series of folds became an enveloping volume .

However, the inclusion of an element facetted radiant Is what makes them special vessels, perhaps unique: is the radiant surface that creates a kaleidoscope effect around the bouquet and reflects multiplying  with different colors, the image of flowers .

I developed this project at the same time with Conchas lamps and WD-light, presenting them to the Milan Fuorisalone 2014. These three projects have in common the use of Plexiglas Radiant. Radiant unique characteristics of reflection and iridescence allowed me to explore a theme which has long fascinated me: to insert the kaleidoscope effect in a design furnishing , by creating a faceted surface that returns an unusual image of the object. I made a kind of asymmetrical kaleidoscope to adapt  it to the volume of the vases, so it differs from the traditional  symmetrical one, born from the search for Sir David Brewster, but keeps alive its magic suggestion.

The famous Scottish scientist, who had as a working philosophy to have fun studying , was the first to made a short and closed tube in which small pieces of colored glass were reflected by angled mirrors arranged along the longitudinal axis .Rotating the tube many images were created: each immage was different from the others, rich of colors and shades.

I remember the suggestion of those images when I played as a little girl with kaleidoscope. I had  curiosity, first, and after desire, to realize a compositions, external to the tube, that changhes in colors and images in relation to the intensity and direction of the light that struck. Some years ago , reading the book by Gian Pietro "jumpi" Miscione, entitled "the man who invented the kaleidoscope", I  redescover this idea. In the fantasy magic world described by the author, there is a point where there is "La-cities-the-moon-large" where the horizon is so great and boundless that God has failed to build a fairly large celestial sphere to lean on. That's why  this is the only place on earth where "THE STARS COME INSIDE THE HOUSE AND REST  ON THE NIGHT TABLE, THE MOON STRETCHES ON THE CARPET AND COMETS GO UNDER  THE CUSHION".

I did  many attempts to create a composition that would respond, in my fantasy, to the magical descriptions of the book and  that recreates the  suggestions of  the kaleidoscope effect.In the end I realized these particular vases that amplify the bouquet, by multiplying the image of flowers and by reflecting them with colors and angles all different.

The Cale vessel has an outer shell, in white plexiglass “mother of pearl”, which recalls the shape of a large leaf with its veins.

Laser cutted as a lace, this shell collects and protects the internal sheet in RADIANT, which is folded to create the reflections and the colors that are the "soul" of  the vase.

At any time of the day, as well as from any point of view, you have a different picture, that " becomes alive" changing the changes of the intensity and of the  direction of light.

vasi in stile moderno, in plexiglass e radiant
Vase Design : Plexiglass and Radiant to create kaleiposcope effect . By Alessandra Meacci
vasi moderni con una superficie in radiant che rilette e moltiplica i fiori, creando un effetto caleidoscopio
Vase Design : kaleiposcope effect and rainbow colors. By Alessandra Meacci
vasi moderni con una superficie in radiant che rilette e moltiplica i fiori, creando un effetto caleidoscopio
Plexiglass Art : Sparkling vases in Radiant Plexiglass . By Alessandra Meacci
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