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hexagonal modules to design wall

wall units

cloudy day

parete-soggiorno-di design

Cloudy Day is a wall unit system that combines the practical use of cabinets to the  wall decoration.  Using these wall units, you’ll enrich the room with a three-dimensional composition that plays on the faceted volumes ,on the reflections of the mirrored elements and on the combination of the tones of a palette inspired by the colors of the sky on a cloudy day.

The shape of the wall units that make up this collection, is taken from a model that is easy to observe in nature inside the hives: the cells. The shape is the same I used for the wooden forms of Dharma libraries and for the iron rod modules of my Gardeny plant stand.

The hexagonal cells constitute the structure of the whole life of the hives (are used by the bees as a warehouse, as a container for eggs, etc.). The hexagonal modules combine, to the advantage of a standardized production, the important value of a great versatility in the assembly, and then a customization by the user of the composition, that can pull the modules as he chooses, making unique his house’s wall .

The hexagonal wall unit is a containers, and, at the same time, decorate the wall creating a three-dimensional composition that enlivens and enriches the atmosphere, maintaining a tone of elegance and lightness. The wall units can be placed on the walls of a room, of a living area, of an entrance to enrich it of a volumetric movement.

The wall units, parallelepiped with hexagonal section, are in lacquered wood; the opening may be on front or on top; they can be closed with a door mirror.

They are realized in three different sizes. The largest module may be internally coated with mirrors. The mirror surfaces have the angles studied so that reflected each other achieve a suggestive kaleidoscope.

The modules, suitably located in the walls with respect to natural or artificial light sources, also by virtue of the alternation of their basic colors, white and blue, create a game, of empty and full of reflections and shadows, like the sky on a cloudy day.

I presented this project, along with the library Dharma, the Gardeny plant stands and cardboard office forniture Beesy, at Salone Satellite 2015, during the Salone del Mobile in Milano. These  four projects were born from the idea to propose for different uses the same basis shape so to maximize the advantages of a standardized production.

interni luminosi di design: il soggiorno  arredato con una palette sui toni del bianco e dell'azzurro, con pochi tocchi neri, e una parete attrezzata con i pensili esagonali
Cloudy Day : a modular wall-mounted system for  interior design.
By Alessandra Meacci
pensili per pareti attrezzate di design, in legno laccato e inserti di specchio, sulle tonalità del bianco e dell'azzurro
Poetic Interiors :
clouds on the wall.
By Alessandra Meacci
interni di design per il soggiorno: arredare con una palette nordica, con toni dal bianco all'azzurro e dettagli neri. pensili per ttrezzare la parete di design.
Clouds on the wall :
poertic design by
Alessandra Meacci
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